Welcome to
Challenger Escapes

Welcome to
Challenger Escapes


Experiential DESIGN

Our Experiential Design Package brings activations to life!

We either work alone, or partner with agencies, to develop an Experience which has a profound effect on participants. 

Whether your induction needs a re-think, or you want students to understand your brand story - we can help. 


Experiential Marketing

We're making 2021 the year of experience.

Our Brand Experience offering ranges from idea consultancy and storyboarding, to complete event packages enjoyed throughout the UK and Europe. 

From 250k+ Social Media impressions to the securing of multi-million pound contracts we've been there and done it.



Interested in owning and operating your own Escape Room? Challenger Escapes can harness our expertise and deliver a market-leading experience.

With our experiences being enjoyed as far afield as Chile, let us help you take the next steps to deliver revenue generation for your business.


Can you solve OUR FIRST PUZZLE?

Hover your mouse over the map below to show clues to help you solve the puzzle. Once you think you've got the answer, try putting it in the answer box below.




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Don't just take our word for it...


We would highly recommend! Great puzzles! Well done Challenger Escapes!

- Jeanette, TrustPilot

Up there with the best

Having done a number of escape rooms all around the world, I can say that this is the right up there with the best that I’ve done.

- Noah, TrustPilot

Very well thought out!

Very well thought out. Puzzles were unique and interesting. Very good team building exercise!

- Ryan, Facebook

Loved it

Definitely recommend to any group of any age and ability.

- Alex, Facebook


Definitely tickles the brain but still keeping it fun.

- Matt, Facebook

Well Organised!

Fantastic experience. Staff were lovely and helpful, the actual escape room was challenging and was well organised.

- Care, Facebook

Mind the red herrings

After 2 mins you forget that your in a storage container. Plenty of clues and red herrings and the guys are great.

- Debbie, Facebook

Do it!

Can’t recommend highly enough. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for new challenges in the future.

- Nicola, Facebook

Good fun

This was extremely good. Loved the fact it had 3 rooms. Lots of different puzzles and games to work out.

- Amy, TrustPilot

Cool concept

It’s a great idea to have a portable Escape room, and it didn’t compromise the experience at all.

- Laraine, Trustpilot

One of the best

I have done a number of escape rooms in several European cities over the last few years, and Challenger escapes must be one of the best.

- Iain, TrustPilot

Tough but fun!

We've done a few escape rooms now and this has been one of the best!

- Emma, TrustPilot

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