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UNIQUE Proposition

Challenger Escapes harness the power of problem-solving experience to deliver events and activations that inspire and awe.

Our offering ranges from a full spectrum of event-delivering capability from complete experiential design, including production and staffing, to consultancy on specific project areas which may need some additional expertise. 

We are also able to work with more traditional Escape Room companies, using our commercial expertise to execute truly exciting Escape Experiences. 

We have worked with clients from Dyson to Crabbies, and from Aviation Gin to essence delivering a huge range of immersive events. 

But how did we get here?

Founder Jamie, an ex-Army Officer (seen here on a tank), was on a trip to Budapest when he realised that Escape Experiences offered routes into participants’ consciousness that more conventional events cannot.

He imagined the difference between being handed a sample or earning it?

Of learning a brand story through immersion, rather than simply being told.

So he get out to learn as much as he could about planning, designing and executing unbelievable Escape Experiences.

To do this, we knew we had to go out there and do it, so we did… Over 9 months our ISO Container Escape Experience was enjoyed by 1000s of people across the South of England.

The experience never had a review that wasn’t 5*s and captured the public’s imagination, being featured in Regional and National Press… It also nearly ended up on the One Show (that’s a story for another day…)

But what came next?

Simply put, Dyson.

With Dyson we harnessed the power of problem solving to create an interactive experience enjoyed by hundreds of their own staff and by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

It was everything we knew an Escape Experience could be and set us off on a number of great, engaging, projects with their team

Since then we’ve created brand activations for a wide range of organisations, ranging from the hiring of puzzles for medium-sized conferences, to developing an Escape Room for one of the world’s biggest Gin companies (we can’t shout about it yet as it’s still being built… but rest assured we will…)

We’ve built ourselves a bit of a reputation for being really rather good at this stuff – Jamie is regularly asked to speak about live experience (here he is again) and Sam (his brother / co-founder) has been nominated for numerous business awards. 

So how can we work with you?

We pride ourselves on being great to work with, whether an international brand activation (we once built an experience at a shopping mall in Chile) or a UK focussed idea to entertain staff we’d love to get involved. 

With these things we’ve found it’s best to chat – book a call here or if you’re not quite ready, fill in the contact form below.

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