Aviation Gin


"The nearly 33,000-square-foot building on the fringes of industrial Northwest Portland has six cocktails on tap—including a Negroni, the drink that seduced the Deadpool star into acquiring a stake in the company—a gift shop with all manner of logo-emblazoned swag, beautiful copper stills, a bottling line…and an escape room. Yes, an escape room. And the chiseled, widely recognizable face of Aviation is the theme of the game."

Willamette Week, USA

The Challenge

We want our Gin Distillery Tour to be the best in the world.

The Solution

Begin with no preconceived notions. 

Working with our American friends Knabe Labs, Challenger Escapes designed an experience which put Aviation Gin at its very centre. We used voice input from Ryan Reynolds, unique brand imagery and a variety of exclusive props to immerse participants in the brand’s world. 

Our events team assisted on the install itself, as well as being in-country adding the finishing touches and finesse to the room. We also provided on-site training to the delivery team . 


“If a grown-up theme park and a bartender fell in love and produced offspring, it would be this gin factory.”

Ryan Reynolds, 2022.

Well if it’s good enough for him… 

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