Experiential Marketing


Problem-Solving Activations create an environment where people share impactful experiences that drive engagement, enjoyment and behavioural change.

Let us harness that for your brand. 

Unique Offerings for ORGANISATIONS

Escape Experiences are an ideal way of creating engagement, from 10-90 minutes they offer complete immersion, allow for a deeper understanding of brand and leaving participants profoundly impacted. 

Never forget that, even pre-COVID, 78% of millennials value experiences over 'things' - let us help your brand facilitate that need.

Our Concepts can be used for various aims:

Brand Experiences – Developed from scratch, Challenger Escapes can build an elaborate storyline and create an Escape Room experience which tells your story.

Product Launches – We can create an Escape Room experience to give you an innovative and exciting way of revealing new products. By turning 2D into 3D we can harness your ethos and ensure participants retain key information - whilst having a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Retail Engagement – We can work with centres or brands to develop truly engaging and exciting experiences which drive quality footfall. 

Conference Activity – Create Unique events which harness the aims of your conference, engage attendees and deliver meaningful impact through time.

Sound like it could be for you?

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Case Study: Dyson


Dyson is a company that needs no introduction. Recognised globally as a pioneer for the development of household technology Dyson is one of the UK’s largest and most successful corporations. 


Challenger Escapes consulted Dyson on their annual Project Dyson event which this year saw their talented engineers given the task of creating Escape Room props that showcased various Dyson products. Our role as consultants included setting the project brief for the engineers, providing support throughout the build and facilitating the planning and delivery of the week-long Escape Room event over their three Bristol sites.  


A 100% uptake throughout the event and invitations to demonstrate the puzzles throughout the UK and more events on the horizon – watch this space! 

The best Challenge Dyson event we have ever seen and a lot of that is down to the slick operation and brilliant support Challenger Escapes provided us over the past few months

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