Escape Room experiences to drive organic social media growth

Creating profound, in-person, experiences is good.

But leveraging those experiences to curate amazing content. Well, that is great.

These experiences can take many forms, from pop-up shops and immersive events to experiential marketing campaigns and influencer collaborations. By creating memorable and shareable experiences, brands can receive organic reach on social media and attract new followers, likes, and shares.

Escape Rooms do this too. Without a #ad in sight.

Take our Dyson event in 2019. What began as an internal event resulted in the company’s most watched social media video of 2019 and has now been seen over 200,000 times worldwide.

It showcased the products, in new and exciting ways, and created ‘viral’ moments of innovation.

Or Samsung in 2022. We worked with an array of GenZ influencers across the UK, Germany, Italy and Benelux regions to showcase Samsung technology within an Escape Room.

Samsung’s target audience watched and assisted the influencers escape the room on a live steam, they were able to comment their solutions to the puzzles and were rewarded with discounts on products used within the experience. These streams have been viewed over 300,000 times across the influencers’ channels.

This stuff works. We design our branded experiences from scratch, harnessing the products and showcasing their features. By creating puzzles which demonstrate the benefits, viewers identify the key features of the products and, crucially, have the ability to act.

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Posted on March 22nd 2023

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