Experiential Marketing: What? Why? How?


Experiential marketing is based upon creating immersive experiences that connect a brand with their consumer; it develops a meaningful relationship between organisation and consumer through shared experience. 


The Why? is perhaps the most important topic to understand when developing an Experiential Marketing concept.

To utilise Experiential Marketing effectively teams need to understand the connection they’re seeking to forge. For us this may be the difference between various team sizes, or the length of the experience.

The experience itself, when done correctly, will develop an emotional connection with the brand – generating memories which endure.

Simply generating memories isn’t enough, amplification is a huge part of the success of Experiential Marketing events, using the experience to drive content is key when seeing to create an authentic connection. This may be from a targeted influencer campaign, allowing them to conduct the experience and showcase their joy to their followers, or through an email application campaign – offering those successful the experience whilst generating a mailing list.

Those who attend Experiential Marketing events will also seek to post about it themselves; offering a wider, and more authentic, reach into their wider network.

There can be no doubt that Experiential Marketing has seen a formidable rise in recent years and with studies such as this from the Harris Group stating that ‘72% of millennials value experiences over material items’, you can be sure that building experience into campaigns is a must for organisations moving forward. 


The How? Is possibly the most interesting part of Experiential Marketing, developing an experience which is reflective of brand values, of appropriate quality and engaging the correct audiences.

Our approach to Experiential Marketing is to create unforgettable problem-solving experiences, harnessing the joy of success and associating it with a brand. 

Our iterative Workshopping process allows us to truly engage with the subject matter, integrating ourselves with our partners in order to develop a project which everyone is truly proud of.

Posted on August 25th 2021

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