Green Park

Members of the team recently headed to Green Park Business Park, Reading to take our COMPROMISED! product and deliver a 5-day corporate event.

For those of you that haven’t yet seen our COMPROMISED! product is housed within a 40ft ISO container which delivers a 5* rated, thrilling, experience to its users,

We found our focus on the development of key skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, strategic planning, leadership and working under pressure helped our participants’ teams enjoy a perplexing and interesting experience. Operating on an approximate 70% success rate of team escapes over the week, participants had to be at their best to set a strong time and Escape with the plans.

With our absolute portability allowing us to situate ourselves within the heart of Green Park, we had 40+ teams from an array of occupiers come and attempt to complete the Escape Room. Each team's time and clues were recorded and populated into an online leaderboard for all to see.

Companies such as PepsiCo, Cisco and Thames Water battled against each other for the fastest time!

Using an Escape Room as a means of staff development is nothing new, but by bringing our experience to the venue we reduced time away from the office, and delivered a vast range of the benefits associated with a ‘corporate away day’ for a fraction of the cost, both in terms of economics and productivity.

Watch this fantastic video captured during our recent corporate week at Green Park. It gives a real insight into what a Challenger Escapes event looks like and the benefits COMPROMISED! can provide to staff and organisations. 

Is this innovative and exciting corporate Escape Room experience something you would like to bring to your organisation? Get in touch for more information!


Posted on May 20th 2019

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