If We Spend More Time Apart; Better Make The Time Together Deliver Value

Lockdown for us has been a massive opportunity to consider how we deliver value within the corporate environment. The rise of home working will undoubtedly continue well into the COVID story but rather than present difficulty for us I think it'll be our greatest strength.

We'll spend more time apart, which makes the time we have together ever more valuable. If you are new into an organisation and your induction process doesn't have a shared experience at the heart of its output, how can you build a loyalty to your new workplace when you may spend 3,4 days a week working remotely? If your team spends only a few days a month together we need to find new and exciting ways to accelerate their relationship building, absolutely at the heart of what we do. 

Experiences will be key in forming teams and we have truly exciting projects in the pipeline to develop this, including working with behavioural experts to craft experiences which can tell us how and why people work well (and badly) together. 

With new branding and products on the horizon we'll be ready to meet the demands of the 'new normal'.

Posted on May 4th 2020

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