Monetising Escape Rooms

For attractions who may be looking to new revenue streams, Escape Experiences offer a great opportunity to forge a closer relationship with a consumer by sharing a profound and memorable experience – all whilst generating income for the business.

The prevalence of Escape Rooms throughout the UK has been rising exponentially (COVID aside) for several years now and we’re beginning to see the shoots of COVID recovery as the desire for authentic, family-friendly, experiences dramatically increases. The outlook looks great for the industry too, with standard group sizes of 4-6 meaning they are allowed to operate in all but the most strenuous restrictions. 

But creating and designing an authentic experience, which reflects your brand and targets your customer base is not easy – and that’s where we can come in.

Challenger Escapes have designed Escape Rooms internationally, including for some of the world’s biggest brands but some of our projects are also for forward-thinking centres who want to continue to innovate for their consumers.

But why an Escape Room compared to other activities?

Adaptability: Challenger Escapes designs every Escape Experience from scratch, meaning we can adapt the theme and story schematics for existing space within your location which may not be appropriate for other activities. We’ve even built live experiences into ISO containers which have received 5* reviews.

Staffing: With training provided by Challenger Escapes, and only one member of staff being required for the running of up to 2 rooms, it is easier to ensure long-term profitability.

Low up-front investment: By using Challenger Escapes’ broad range of international contacts, we’re able to deliver a high-class experience at a price you might be surprised by.

From a per-hour consultancy offering to complete project management our team is happy to work around your requirements.

Simply Book a Call – or send an enquiry to find out more.

Posted on July 13th 2021

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