Our Chilean Adventure

Challenger Escapes goes international! Recently Challenger Escapes signed an agreement with the Ludika Group, one of Chile’s most innovative entertainment companies to deliver our expertise on Escape Room builds and management to an international audience.

The Ludika group wanted a unique Escape Room narrative which would allow their client the ability to offer a free Escape Experience throughout the country over the next year. The design needed to be of a high specification but also modular, so it can be transported easily.

Working closely with the client we have created A Detective Gone! a story set in 1950s London in which a famous detective is missing and only our teams can help! Stay tuned for more updates and pictures once we get them.

If you have an Escape Room vision but need a helping hand in making it a reality then please do get in touch, we can offer anything from friendly advice to fully developed Escape Room themes for a variety of budgets.


Posted on June 21st 2019

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