Pitch Perfect

With Challenger Escapes we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some of the World’s biggest brands and create Unique Experiences which have been viewed or undertaken by 100,000s of people.

But some of our very best work has been done in support of organisations with the participants having no idea we were even there.

Take Essence, they approached us with the idea of creating a shared Escape Room Experience as the start-point to a pitch to Sainsbury Argos.

We wanted to allow the pitch team to share an experience with those being pitched to, the bond built would then allow for more collaborative discussion as the pitch unfolded.

To do this we changed a meeting room at Essence’s HQ into a pop-up store. Needing to uncover secrets in shopping lists, decode a real-life catalogue and work together to uncover the key elements of the pitch in Rubix Cube form.

Experiential pitches are cool – let us jump on board and show you.

Posted on April 7th 2021

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