Project Dyson Part II

What did we learn?

The dust is settling on our Dyson Residency and we thought it was time to reflect on the achievements of our Project Dyson: Escape Room experience but also to look to the future and help understand what’s next for Challenger Escapes. We’ve neatly broken it down into four lessons which we’ll be taking forwards:

The Sky’s the limit with Escape Room puzzles:

When we create our puzzles we always try and keep ingenuity at the forefront of our minds, we very, very rarely use padlocks and we harness technology from complex RFID to refashioning puzzles from Endoscopes (how plumbers look down holes).

However what we encountered at Dyson was something else, having a fresh and immensely talented perspective expanded our understanding of what Escape Room puzzles can be. 

Take this puzzle from one of the teams, when a tune was played by the automated xylophone the participants had to replicate this using a V10 (Dyson vacuum cleaner). When successful the correct numeric code was revealed (in this instance 3572).

Such application of technology wasn’t something we’d considered before and it was very gratifying to be able to assist the team in creating something truly unique.

Our horizons have been well and truly broadened and we are looking much further afield for the next iterations of our Escape Room experiences!

Escape Rooms have a resonance with the young

Call them what you like, Generation Y, Z or millennials. The fact is that Escape Rooms and live experiences resonate with those from a younger generation. Many of our participant teams were in the 20-29 age bracket and it certainly appeared to be younger people (largely!) who were taking part in the pop-up itself.

We really think this is something brands haven’t quite yet harnessed and is something we’re exploring with various clients at the moment. How can we create engaging experiences to motivate, challenge and stimulate younger minds?  With instant recognition amongst those age groups social media amplification is also hugely important. At Challenger Escapes we think about this from the very conception of the project and videographers and photographers documented every step of this process – stay tuned for the video launching soon!

Presentation is hugely important: 

Being on message is a hugely important part of what makes Challenger Escapes great. Dyson is a fantastic campus to work on, its people are motivated, talented and approach their work with a sense of fun. We encouraged our team to embrace this and integrated with the staff during our residency, as well as taking the time to develop our relationships with the teams taking part in the contest. As we continue to expand both our staff and our corporate portfolio we aim to keep this at the very forefront of our minds ensuring we get our presentation on message and seamlessly integrate with those companies in which we work. 


Challenger Escapes is no stranger to working with big brands, over the last year or so we’ve run events for companies such as PepsiCo, Crabbies and Cisco. But to truly collaborate, as we did with Dyson was a great experience and a unique challenge. Project Dyson: Escape Room lives on and we hope to resurrect the puzzles for more events in the near future. 

Over the next few months we’ve got several exciting projects lined up including a new product launch, brand collaborations and staffing increases. We still have time to take on new projects however – get in touch to find out more!


Posted on July 30th 2019

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