“The best Challenge Dyson event we have ever seen and a lot of that is down to the slick operation and brilliant support Challenger Escapes provided us over the past few months”

The Challenge

What if Dyson Engineers could build their own Escape Room puzzles and the rest of the employees could take them on?

That was the vision of the client; and one we pushed hard to develop.

The Solution

Creating an intensive 12-week puzzle development programme consisting of a number of key interactions.

Challenger Escapes Tech Leads briefed over 100 Dyson Engineers on the features of a successful Escape Room puzzle, delivered a Dragon’s Den style pitching event before our events team took over and facilitated the week-long event across Dyson’s Bristol sites. 


The event ‘sold’ out within three days, the puzzles were showcased at Dyson’s Annual Exec Conference and the event video was Dyson’s most watched of 2019.

Project Gallery

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