Our Process

Working with our clients as part of a team is the bedrock of our process; whether direct-to-client or in tandem with agencies we make a real effort to engage at every turn.


Understanding the desired end-state of a project is critical to ensuring we can work together in achieving a successful outcome. Our obligation-free briefing process involves an initial call – bookable through our contact form where one of our experience designers will work with you to assess the project and offer some initial thoughts and direction. Our team of designers, builders and event specialists will then work on an outline proposal, delivered to you within the week.


We harness an extensive network of narrative, game, and physical designers across the globe who join into our unique workshopping process to offer a solution to your desired outcomes. We communicate information back to the client regularly to ensure the project remains on track and any amendments can be made. Once the design phase is concluded we brief on every aspect of its implementation.


Our builders are some of the best in the business encompassing a range of skills from coding to set-design and from electronic engineering to prop creation. We build the experience to an exacting specification and ensure brand guidelines are followed and that the experience will be fully immersive. Concurrently we work on the logistics of the experience, ensuring delivery is smooth and participants will be fully engaged.


The fun bit. Once the set has been fully installed and tested our event specialists work with your team to ensure implementation is completely smooth and participants have an amazing, transformational, time. Whether staffed by us, or delivered by you, we ensure the experience is seamless – offering training and guidance as well as being on-call throughout.

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