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Our Missions

Our Missions are designed with Corporate Excellence at their very heart. We take teams and develop them using pioneering forms of experience; we also provide a blank canvas for some of the world's biggest brands to showcase their products in a way which immerses internal and external participants to achieve a long lasting effect. 

The blank canvas

Created in conjunction with the team behind Boxpark The Blank Canvas is an Escape Room experience unlike any other. Housed in a bespoke 40ft ISO container, specifically designed to showcase brands through experiential immersion, our container has been seen around the country, including as the UK's first Festival Escape Room. 

This experience takes portable Escape Rooms to the next level, designed from scratch with electronic puzzles sourced internationally our skilled team will work with our partners to uncover the key messages behind their campaign, create unique, brand relevant, puzzles and be on site to deliver every aspect of the event.

All we need to run an experience is lorry access and a 50ft x 25ft space to place our container.

   200+ Participants

   Teams of 4-6

   5 day+ Event

  Custom storylines for your brand

   3 Rooms with changeable atmospherics

   Different time configurations

   Fully inclusive packages 

   Bespoke pricing for your event

bring the team back together

Put team dynamics at the heart of problem solving for improved outcomes.


Created specifically for the challenges of the post-COVID world our Office Conversion experience will challenge your teams across a range of skills, develop their communication styles and create bonds which will endure - both in person and online.  

Our elaborate storyline immerses your teams in the world of a pathological criminal, hellbent on stealing a flawless diamond. Your teams need to work against the clock to tackle complex problems and decide on a course of action together. 

Set-Up couldn’t be simpler, all we need is a minimum of 6mx6m office-space with desks, tables and chairs. 

   50+ Participants

   Teams of 2-6 

   1 day+ Event

   Housed inside your own office
        space or meeting room

   Flexible booking terms 

   60-minute game

   Leaderboards generating competition

   From £987.00 per day


Created in conjunction with both military and civilian leaders, our experiences will set challenges which unlock the deepest parts of your personality and build resilience. 


Providing a truly memorable Corporate Escape experience is at the very heart of what we do. We provide a range of features to ensure an event involving either of our portable Escape Rooms has a profound effect on your organisation: 


We can provide rewards for your people such as custom pin badges and photos giving them a permanent reminder of the event. 


Our timings are flexible to the needs of the client, we can run morning, afternoon and evening events. 

Team Size

Both products are able to flex in their complexity and required timings. This allows you to dictate how many participants take part in the experience over a day, week or even longer. 

Social Media Wrap

Allowing your business the opportunity to amplify your experience is a key part of our offering, we can give guidance on props, encourage photo publication and even generate media interest. 


No Corporate Experience is complete without an element of competition. From TopGear style leaderboards, to publishing through your intranet you can be sure the Escape Room Experience will be the talk of your offices for days and weeks to come. 


New for 2020 Challenger Escapes are offering the opportunity for HR and Assessment staff to observe the participants in the room. 


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About Us

“The puzzles are challenging and very well put together. Definitely recommend it for a corporate environment, it makes you think!”

“Puzzles were unique and interesting, very good team building exercise!

“Didn't know what to expect but absolutely loved it. Great variation of tasks, puzzles, teasers and red herrings to make you think!”

About the Client

“I personally would like to thank Green Park for putting on such a great event as the Escape Room, we can’t wait to see what the next event will be”

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks for organising this event. My team and I had a great time, we are ready and waiting for the next challenge event”

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