2021 - The Year of Experience

At Challenger Escapes we are very aware that locking people in rooms has been distinctly off message for 2020 and we’re fortunate to have enduring Corporate Partnerships (as well as some help from Rishi) to see us through.

But right now we’re as busy as we’ve ever been and with optimism surrounding the Q1 vaccines, restrictions being reduced as the vulnerable are protected and a general sense of excitement for what is to come we’re certain that 2021 will be the year of experience.

Pent-up demand, Zoom fatigue and a desire to re-find our tactile-selves mean that we’re helping businesses work out how to harness this by preparing now.

We know there is still a need to be flexible so we’re focussing on setting up the content, delivery roadmaps and storyboards and making sure we’re in a position to execute on demand.

At this point we thought it would be good to give a reminder of exactly how Challenger Escapes can help your business deliver:


Launching a new set of values? Reaffirming messaging? Setting new goals? Our bespoke experiences can be a great way of facilitating active engagement, rather than ‘drop-in’ or enforced sessions. Participants leave our experiences having understood the subject matter through immersion.

Product Launches:

Whether internally or externally focussed Escape Experiences can be a great way of ensuring focus on a new product launch. We can incorporate the key specifications into our puzzles, or even use the product itself as a prop, ensuring that all participants leave with a complete understanding of a new product line.


The high-street is dead, long-live the high-street. It’s been a tough year for retail, no doubt, but it is forcing us to consider the future of in-person shopping and the emphasis it must place on experience. In early 2020 we launched a Chilean Shopping Mall experience which had a 95% uptake rate with high-spend millennials a key demographic.

Conference Experience:

The Conferences of old will be making a reappearance, but with the successful advent of online meeting experiences delegates will be relentless in ensuring that value is added. Doing something different from ’19, adding in fun and engaging experiences, will be a huge step in ensuring the enduring success of your conference offering.

DIY Escape Room:

The pent-up demand for experience also offers Business owners or potential entrepreneurs the opportunity to create their own Escape Room experiences. A valuable addition to existing team-building offerings, or something completely new Challenger Escapes can help you with every aspect of the process including concept design, installation and staff training.


And of course, as your teams come back together, whether in a traditional or Hybrid working environment we’re primed to deliver a live Escape Room experience in either our bespoke ISO Container experience or our Office Conversion Experience.

All of our experiences are designed from scratch and we do everything from complete project delivery to partnerships with events agencies – simply get in touch to find out more. 

Posted on December 10th 2020

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